Flight Deals

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Receive 5% Discount on American Airlines

5% discount is valid May 19-28, 2011 for travel to New York City, NY.

In order to book your flight, please call American Airlines Meeting Services Desk at 1-800-433-1790 or go to www.AA.com and refer to your Promotion Code, 7251BM.

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Empowered.org & Global Brigades are partnering this year to provide student attendees the ability to fundraise online for their airfare & lodging fees at the Microfinance USA conference!

Once you have registered for the Microfinance USA conference, you can book airfare & lodging through the Global Brigades Travel Team and join the “Microfinance USA 2011 Conference” on Empowered.org to fundraise the costs that were booked. Since you are fundraising for personal conference costs, Global Brigades won’t be able to give your donors tax receipts, but you can still ask your friends and family to contribute to help you attend the 3rd annual Microfinance USA conference in NYC.

Just in case you aren’t able to fundraise the entire amount, our travel team will keep your credit card on file to charge the remaining on the date of the conference. If you fundraise more than needed, Global Brigades Travel will donate the remainder to the Microfinance USA Conference.

To fundraise for your Airfare & Lodging, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to www.empowered.org to join, setup your profile, and add yourself to the conference

  • On the homepage click the “Join” button at the upper right corner to signup
  • Search for “Microfinance USA 2011 Conference” in the search bar
  • Click on “Microfinance USA 2011 Conference” under volunteer activities
  • Once you’re on the volunteer activity page, click the orange Volunteer button to add yourself to the event.
  • You will now be added to the activity! Our travel will set your fundraising goal once you’ve contacted them and your travel & lodging is booked.

2. Contact travel@empowered.org with the following information

Flight Information

  • First & Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Contact phone number
  • Departure Airport (departure date will be Sunday, May 22, unless you note otherwise)
  • Preferred departure time, do you want Morning, Afternoon, or Evening?
  • Return Date, would you like to return Tuesday after 8pm, or Wednesday morning?

Lodging Information

  • Which hotel do you want? (We can only book for Hampton Inn Chelsea, The GEM Hotel, The Wyndham Garden, or any other hotel that offers online booking)
  • We will book your lodging to coincide with the dates you provided for airfare

3. Once our travel team has received your information, we will provide you with a quote on best flight deal and lodging. To book your flight, our travel team will also ask you for a credit card to keep on hold just in case you’re not able to fundraise the total cost.

Credit Card Information

  • Name on card, type of card, card number, expiration date, security code
  • Billing address for credit card
  • We will NOT charge your card for the airfare & lodging at time of booking. Your credit card will be kept on file and ONLY charged the difference from what you fundraise online if you aren’t able to fundraise the full cost by May 23, 2011.

4. Once you have given the travel team the OK on the quote and have provided your credit card information, they will book your flight and set your fundraising goal to reflect the total cost.

5. On May 23, 2011 if you were not able to fundraise the total cost, our travel team will charge your credit card for the remainder owed. If you fundraised more than you owed, our travel team will donate the remainder to the Microfinance Conference.

See you at the Microfinance USA Conference on May 23-24th in New York City!